Having prior experience in deployment of e-commerce platforms for new and existing websites, we also specialize in providing consultancy services for replatforming e-commerce projects for various companies.

Depending upon your requirement, our role is either focused on providing hands-on solutions support or assistance in gathering the resources for a selection of the platform.

Hands-on e-commerce support and solutions – Often times, we dive deep into the project by helping in migration and configuration services from scratch.

Assistance in resource gathering – Depending upon the requirements and vendor, we would help them choose appropriate resources from a pool of resources and further decide on the platform deployment mechanism as well.

Information About Our Process

A big chunk of our time is spent on gathering the resource required for the project according to the vendor’s requirements and budget. we focus only on the absolute essentials of the project requires, making the process much smoother as well as quicker.

Using data available at our disposition, we use automated functions for improved reporting as well as better implementation of the resources. Depending on the contract, we further help by mapping out the solution path and its implementation as well.