How Roblox Trains the Next Generation of Gaming Entrepreneurs

Scott Hopkins
August 30, 2019 0 Comment

It was in the year 1998 when Mr. Baszucki and the late Mr. Cassel founded the Knowledge Revolution (Today known as the Roblox). It was first intended for academic purposes, especially in physics and other sciences. Read more about Roblox on, they are real expert of the Game.

It is a media platform where teachers could show the students the characteristics and different abilities of simple machines. It used to offer simulations for simple machines such as pulleys, levers, and many others. Through this way, students could have an interactive learning experience which may help them acquire knowledge effectively.

Today, Roblox is known as a gaming platform both for gamers and game developers.

The Next Big Thing

Ranking second to Google’s sites such as YouTube, Roblox has become the most visited site in the U.S.A. for the past few years. They have acquired a company net worth of $200 million.

Roblox has been catering to 5 million monthly visits. With that, they have also been continually developing their system’s maintenance and the services they offer.

Since the site has been earning and building its name for quite some time now, they established a headquarters in Spain. They have also launched the system in Spanish for users in that country.

Their current goal is to make Roblox available worldwide. This way, they could accomplish their vision of bringing the world together through the art of gaming.


Roblox offers games in different genres. Fashion hub, Jail break, Cop and robber role playing, and Cooking challenges—name it, they have it. This is one of the probable reasons why this site attracted the masses. It caters to all genders of all ages and gives them entertainment of their preference.

Monthly visitors of this site are mostly aged 8-13 years old. These kids, just like any others, still need to be guided when surfing through the internet.

To ensure parents and guardians their kids’ safety, Roblox offers parental controls. This give the parents and guardians access to their kids’ accounts and lets them minimize their usage and block contents not suitable for them. Roblox also gets to filter adult contents for their minor users.

Treasure Chest

Just like a Treasure Chest in a video game, this site gives a lot of opportunities to people who are highly engaged in gaming and game developing.

Roblox started to be an entertaining and a gaming site for kids and teens. Today, it has also become a platform where gamers and game developers can enhance their skills and earn money from it.

The company has been encouraging creative developers to build their own game through the Roblox system. They give them the programming commands they need without even having actual computer programming classes.

This is a great help to enhance kids’ skills in interacting with new technology and improves their programming ability.

This platform, more than just bringing out a person’s creativity, helps newbies, wannabes, and game developers to work freelance and start their career path in the gaming industry.