What is a Site Plan?

Scott Hopkins
July 1, 2019 0 Comment

Just like an architectural plan, a website plan is a well laid-out plan which will help a designer design a website structurally. A simple outline is a good way to start a site plan. One can add details by following 4 basic steps when creating a website plan. The steps are:

Brainstorm possibilities – Firstly, identify your brand and your customer base. Secondly, take ideas from the websites that are already present in similar businesses. After you have gotten a brief idea about what works and what not works, sit out with your team to discuss the possible directions you can take for your website in.

Organize into groups – Once you have everything laid out in front of you, start grouping the different concepts into smaller groups. This will help you decide on the different pages you are going to have on your website and will also remove the redundant information from the cluster.

Create an outline – After segregating the different ideas into pages, you need to choose layouts for displaying the information. Keeping it short but detailed is the key to grabbing your customer’s attention.

Prepare the document – After you have prepared the complete outline, organize them in a presentable format and add smaller details you might have missed to the pages. Make sure it is understandable to the editor, so you do not waste time explaining minor details over and over again.


The site plan is your blueprint to the entire website. With all the tough questions already answered, the designing process will now be much smoother as well as cost-effective.