How to Design a Pricing Page for Your Customers?

Scott Hopkins
May 8, 2019 0 Comment

You can choose from three menu options to list your products, which can lead to individual products for further details –

  • Pricing table – A simple design table divided into rows and columns is the best option when you have a minimal number of products to display on your shop.
  • Pricing menu – A listed table is a good option to go with when you want to convey a larger list with minimal information displayed on the front.
  • Pricing slider – This type of listing can be used for fancier or expensive products when you would like to make an emotional and impactful statement to the customer.

One can further include a highlighted or recommended section to push sales of certain products. A welcome or returning discount offer is another great way to make sure you keep the sales high.

Creating a Website Plan

Whether you hire a professional or choose to go with a do-it-yourself website builder site, you need to have a website plan in place before creating a platform. Nothing can smoothen the process better than a well-detailed website plan.